Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is possible and does happen within intimate partner relationships. Being in a relationship with or married to someone does not give them the right to any sexual activity with or around you. Consent is always essential, even in relationships.

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Examples of Sexual Abuse include:

Unwanted kissing or touching, being physically forced or emotionally manipulated into performing sexual acts, being made to feel guilty for not consenting to sexual acts, assault by penetration of objects inside the body, anal or oral rape.

We also experience men being abused for being bi-sexual or for being attracted to or having sex with other men or women.

We often find that the men we support are hesitant to disclose sexual abuse. This is because of the shame, guilt and fear that perpetrators instil in their victims through sexual abuse, however it is nothing to be ashamed of. Any form of abuse, including sexual, is never the victim’s fault.