Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse isn’t physical, but it can be just as hurtful and traumatic. An emotionally abusive person might humiliate, threaten or degrade you, or blame you for the abuse, to make you afraid and control you.

One form of emotional abuse is gaslighting. This means controlling you by using lies, denial, contradiction, false information and manipulation to discredit your memory, perception and sanity. 

Destruction or threat of destruction of your role as a father is often part of emotional abuse .

Help for Male victims of domestic abuse!

Men experiencing a breakdown of their relationship

Asking for help can be hard. It’s OK to talk.

Information and referral service for male victims

Somebody might emotionally abuse you by:

  • Putting you down in front of other people
  • Accusing you of cheating
  • Criticising what you wear of how you look
  • Isolating your from friends and family
  • Calling you names
  • Playing mind games
  • Giving you the ‘silent treatment’
  • Ignoring you
  • Telling you you’re not the father of their children

If you are in a relationship where you are ‘walking on eggshells’ a lot of the time it is likely you are facing emotional abuse

Emotional Abuse