Resources for Professionals

Men’s Advisory Project is a confidential service for men experiencing domestic abuse and frontline workers supporting male victims. Over the years we’ve helped thousands of men of every sexuality and in every kind of relationship. Our advisors and counsellors offer practical advice and emotional support, and signpost to vital services to help keep victims and their children safe.

Male victims of domestic abuse!

Men experiencing a breakdown of their relationship

Personal development course in anger management

Information and referral service for male victims

We also speak to frontline workers, family members, friends and practitioners. If you’re supporting a male victim, you’re welcome to contact us for confidential advice and information. Call and leave a message, or you can email.

Recognising the signs of domestic abuse is important for any professional in order to provide appropriate support to their peers, colleagues or employees. In the Men’s Advisory Project we know there is a stigma which surrounds domestic abuse that makes it more difficult for victims to feel comfortable confiding in the people close to them.

We also know that not all abuse is physically visible in the form of a bruise or cut; in fact, controlling behaviour and exertion of power is extremely common in domestic abuse cases too.