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Our Services


MAP exists to provide counselling services for men experiencing domestic abuse. We provide support and facilitate you to understand your options and make your own choices and decisions. We also offer support and counselling services to men who have previously left a violent or abusive relationship and who are still experiencing the effects. All of our services are offered across Northern Ireland from various bases.


Whilst we cannot provide you with advice, we can provide you with information and signpost you to other organisations that can help; these include a number of voluntary, community and statutory bodies.


MAP offers a range of services to men and women who want assistance and support to deal with their anger. These services are available to those who wish to understand powerful emotions, cope better with stress in their lives and adopt more appropriate behaviours for healthy relationships.

Anger management services can be delivered through 1 to 1 counselling or an anger management group programme. Our experience has been that the client is the expert on their anger. It is our aim to help the client develop insight into their current way of dealing with their anger, how effective and useful that might be for them, and how they can make changes that will improve their quality of life and their interpersonal relationships.


MAP can provide awareness raising sessions, such as speaking at conferences or stands at events to highlight the services we offer male victims of domestic abuse and the issues they face. If you require more information in respect of awareness raising, please contact us on 028 90241 929 (Belfast) or 028 7116 0001 (Foyle) or email us at info@mapni.co.uk


Initial contact should always be made by calling our office on 028 9024 1929 (Belfast) or 028 7116 0001 (Foyle) (9-5 Monday-Friday).

After you make contact with our organisation, you will be invited to meet with one of our counsellors to see how we can best meet your needs. Once your meeting has taken place we will set you up with a standing appointment usually at the same time, once a week for an hour. We deliver our services between the hours of 9am and 9pm (Monday - Friday) to facilitate employment, childcare and family obligations.

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