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‘Towards Gender Equality’ - MAP Research on male victims of domestic abuse in Northern Ireland launched

In September 2010 MAP launched a research report by Daryl Sweet on male victims of Domestic Abuse in Northern Ireland.

This important research is one of the first pieces in Northern Ireland that provides evidence of the needs and experience of male victims of domestic violence and abuse in NI. It also presents evidence of the awareness of and attitudes towards these men, reviews current services and makes recommendations for change.

To view the report and the executive summary please click here.

A copy of the report by the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) ‘The Involvement of men in gender equality initiatives in the European Union’ can be downloaded here







The Department of Justice for Northern Ireland (DOJ) is seeking feedback from male victims of domestic abuse or violence about the services available within the criminal justice system.

  1. Are you a male victim of domestic abuse/violence who is 18 or over?

  2. Did you have an incident(s) of domestic abuse/violence reported to the police in Northern Ireland which then resulted in criminal proceedings at court?

  3. Did your case conclude at court within the last 18 months?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to all three questions then the Department of Justice would really like to hear from you. We are keen to get your feedback about your experience of the criminal justice system from the point when the crime was first reported through to the point of sentencing and beyond. 

If you are willing to take part, please click the link below and complete the short survey.


Survey responses will be held in confidence, subject to the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and Data Protection Act 1998.

For more information on work and research being undertaken by the Department of Justice in relation to victims and witnesses of crime please go to our webpage:


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